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so i just got mai computer back in mai room so iv got some privissy again. mai parints need 2 lern that im groan alreddy. they red mai story hermoins a hor and got all freked out and mad and shit. but mom always caves when dad gos out of toun so i got it back now at leest 4 a week or 2. hahaha the shit i can do ina week, rite?



i cant tell u how i got tem but i promiss dey are tru and reelCollapse )

Dats all 4 now - their r lots moar spoilerz (its a big book -lier relly long and shit). arielxgirl is goint to post the next round so look to her cuz she's got teh answers!!!!!!!!!1!!!1!1!
u no what i hate when i rede fanfic? liek it drives me up a wall when i see ppl use the word "blonde" for boys.  its not "blonde" dumasses.  Blonde just hapens 2 b the name of a famiss singer who is also a raper.  (u can her here raping in the song "rapshur")  the word ur looking 4 is "bland" it pisses me off b/c ppl mispernouse it all the tiem to.  its a forren word, prolly french or sumthing.  ppl need 2 lern 2 b multicluteral and ixpand there vocabrillaries and shit.

ne way heres a pome i rote in 3rd perriod 2day.

o and arielxgirl lj izzint letting me replye 2 commints 2day i dont no why but it kepes saying erer cant conxt or sumthing but dont wurry i half a plan a bout Jaysen and aslo my mom pict up sum xtra gummis at the stor so ill bring them 2 u 2morra!!!

1rst post and a drable

all i can say ariel is that we were robed. if those stupid arkives cant see how awsum we are then their suckass lamos.  there prolly to bizzy going 2 theyre lamass proms and shit to acshully rede our summissions.

ne wayz

im gonna start a nu wip soon so b on the lookout 4 it cuz its gonna be on fier!!!1!  

ok so now ive got a drable 4 today  nuthin majer but i think its good.  

tidal: hermoins a hor
ship; herminoie/lushis
summery: its a drable lol the sumery wood b 2 long
wornings: langwich

r n r plzy plzy